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Skills Measured:

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area in the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area in the exam. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.

Exam Code  :  70-464

Published  :  11 June 2012
Languages  :  English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)

Audiences  :  IT professionals

Technology  :  Microsoft SQL Server

Credit toward certification  :   MCP, MCSE

Registration  :  $80.00 USD*

Exact Microsoft 70-464 Exam Dumps Questions Sample Question 6

You need to modify Production.Product Details_Insert to comply with the application requirements. Which code segment should you execute?

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Latest Microsoft 70-464 Sample Question 5

You plan to execute the following code:

You need to identify how many rows will be in dbo.Table1 after you execute the code. How many rows should you identify?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
 D. 3

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Latest Microsoft 70-464 PDF Download Question 4

You need to recommend a solution to ensure that each combination of CustomerContact and CustomerDetails is not duplicated. What should you recommend creating?

A. A CHECK constraint
B. A filtered index
C. A columnstore index
D. A UNIQUE constraint

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Latest Microsoft 70-464 PDF Download Question 3

You have a table named Schema1.Table1. You have a stored procedure named Schema1.Proc1 that accepts an XML parameter named Param1. You need to store validated XML data in Schema1.Table1. The solution must ensure that only valid XML data is accepted by Param1. What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. Define an XML column in Table1 by using an XML schema collection.
B. Create an XML schema collection in the database from the text file.
C. Declare Param1 var1 as type XML and associate the variable to the XML schema collection.
D. use the modify method to insert the XML schema into each row of the XML column in Table1.

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Free 70-464 Dumps Question Number 2

You need to ensure that HR.Employees is always updated when up_employees executes. The solution must minimize the amount of time required for the stored procedure to execute and the number of locks held. What should you do?

A. Add the following line of code to line 05: SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SNAPSHOT
B. Add the following line of code to line 13: WITH (UPDLOCK)
C. Add the following line of code to line 05: SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SERIALIZABLE
D. Add the following line of code to line 08: WITH (UPDLOCK)

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Microsoft 70-464 Exam Question 1

YOU need to create the object used by the parameter of usp_Update Employee Name.Which code segment should you use?

B. CREATE TYPE Employees Info AS Table
C. CREATE SCHEMA Employees Info
D. CREATE TABLE Employees Info

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