Microsoft 70-713 Free Exam Question 2

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Microsoft 70-713 Free Exam Question 2

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that use the same or similar answer choices. An answer choice may be correct for more than one question in the series. Each question is independent of the other questions in this series. Information and details provided in a question apply only to that question. You represent a SAM partner. A client must consolidate their IT departments into a single business unit. The client was previously assessed in the Microsoft SAM Optimization Model (SOM) key competencies and assigned a SAM maturity level. You need to ensure that unused Microsoft Office 365 licenses are reclaimed. What should you do?

A. Purchase software only from approved vendors.
B. Publish software deployment reports to stakeholders.
C. Use information provided by a software publisher.
D. Use software metadata generated by the client.
E. Deploy only approved software.
F. Formulate a retirement process.
G. Create an inventory of deployed assets.
H. Maintain updated records of deployed assets.


Answer: C

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