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Microsoft98-363 Real Exam Question 10

A Web page contains the following code: objectmyCount = Request.QueryString["count"]; The query string does not contain a variable named count. What happens when the code executes?

A. myCount is an empty string.
B. myCount is 0.
C. myCount is null.
D. An exception is thrown.

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Dumps4download 98-363 Exam Question 9

In which language are web.config and machine.config files written?


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Free Microsoft98-363 Exam Question 8

You need to access an HTML table on an ASP.NET page from the code-behind file. Which two properties must you assign a value to? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. name
B. id
C. runat
D. runas

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PDF 98-363 Dumps Exam Question 7

You need to find out whether a page form is being submitted to itself. Which ASP.NET page property should you use?

A. IsPageLoaded
B. IsPostBack
C. IsInitialPageLoad
D. IsReload

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Microsoft98-363 Dumps Exam Question 6

What should you use to save Web application state information on the client side?

A. Application state
B. Cookies
C. Session state
D. Cache

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98-363 Dumps Exam Question 5

You need to add custom configuration information to a Web application. What should you do?

A. Create a new configuration setting in the app.config file.
B. Modify the existing app.config file and rename it to user.config.
C. Modify the existing web.config file and rename it to custom.config.
D. Create a new configuration setting in the web.config file.

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Free 98-363 Training Exam Question 4

You create a session variable. What is its initial value?

A. Null
B. -1
C. Blank
D. 0

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Microsoft 98-363 Exam Questions 3

You write the following code in a new ASP.NET Web page on the Web site. What happens when the page loads?

A. The page displays a 404 error.
B. The page displays a 500 error.
C. The page is blank.
D. The page displays "Hello".

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Microsoft 98-363 Free Exam Question 2

Which HTML tag should you use to apply an external style sheet to a Web page? 

A. <style>
B. <link>
C. <a>
D. <form>

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Free Microsoft 98-363 Exam Question 1

A Web site allows the user to change the background color of a Web page. Which two mechanisms can you use to store a user's preferred background color? (Each answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A. User state
B. Persistent state
C. Query strings
D. Session state

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