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Latest Microsoft MB2-717 PDF Download Question 10

You are a technical support specialist for your company.The Company’s sales staff are issued a company laptop to use when interfacing with Microsoft Dynamics365.They need to integrate their smart phones with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well. Many of their phones,however, do not have a supported web browser.
What should you suggest to meet this sales staff’s need?

A. Advise them to run the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web app on their phones.
B. Advise them to use the web client to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 from their phones.
C. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from the Office 365 Admin portal.
D. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from their phone’s store.

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Valid Microsoft MB2-717 Exam Question Answers Question 9

You are a sales support specialist for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365.You are going through the many records of their current database and inputting this data into Microsoft Dynamics 365.Which two data instances would be created as Lead records in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. A list of people supplied by a marketing research firm that matches your target market.
B. A person calls into the company after receiving a mass mailing advertisement from your company.
C. A company that used to frequently order from your company, but has not placed an order in over a
D. A person that has referred multiple customers to your business over the years.

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Free MicrosoftMB2-717 Exam Question 8

You are working in the Sales module of Microsoft Dynamics 365.Your manager has asked you to provide a report of Sales Pipeline as quickly as possible.What is the quickest way to provide your manager with the report?

A. Use one of the built-in reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
B. Create an Advanced Find query of your opportunities, sorted by client.
C. Create a Static Worksheet, and export to Excel.
D. Create a Dynamic Worksheet, and export to Excel.

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PDF MB2-717 Dumps Exam Question 7

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.A manager wants to share data with an external consultant by using a dynamic PivotTable. You need totell the manager what to do before the external consultant can access the data in the PivotTable. What should you instruct the manager to do first?

A. Add Share access to a security role.
B. Assign a license.
C. Add Append To access to a security role.
D. Assign a view.

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Microsoft MB2-717 Dumps Exam Question 6

One of your top-selling products is now available in multiple colors. You need to make the color choices
available to sales representatives for use in quotes and orders.What should you do?

A. Update the unit group.
B. Clone the product for each color.
C. Revise the product and update the description.
D. Add a property option set item.

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MB2-717 Dumps Exam Question 5

You have an opportunity for a customer named Contoso. You are ready to offer a quote. You know that a competing company submitted a quote to Contoso for the same product. You need to track
information about the competing company.What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Add the competitor to the quote.
B. Add the competitor to the account.
C. Add the competitor to the products.
D. Add the competitor to the opportunity.

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Free MB2-717 Training Exam Question 4

You have a new policy at your company which states that you must track competitors to whom you lost opportunities.What should you do?

A. From the opportunity, click Close As Lost, and then click OK.
Open the opportunity record, and then specify the competitor.
B. From the opportunity, click Close As Lost, specify the competitor, and then click OK.
C. From the opportunity, click Close As Lost, and then click OK.
Locate the opportunity close activity, and then modify the activity.
D. From the opportunity, specify a competitor, click Close As Lost, and then click OK.

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Microsoft MB2-717 Exam Questions 3

You have four opportunities to sell a product to customers who are located on the same street. You need to ensure that the opportunities are related.What should you do?

A. Include the same note in all four opportunities.
B. Apply a custom connection role.
C. Include all four opportunities in one goal.
D. Send one email message to which each customer is copied

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Microsoft MB2-717 Free Exam Question 2

Your sales manager has asked you to take over management of a sale for a customer that was managed by a previous employee.You want to make sure everyone who views the Opportunity has full visibility to everything that hashappened with the sale to this point, and allow other staff to see that you are not managing the sale.How can you meet these needs in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A. Email the new management information to everyone in the company.
B. Delete the Opportunity and recreate it.
C. Assign the record to yourself.
D. Assign the record to a team.

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Free Microsoft MB2-717 Exam Question 1

You are working with the default Opportunity form in Microsoft Dynamics 365.Your sales manager has asked all sales staff to maintain best practices when managing sales and to enter as much information as possible.You need to be able to add additional records and activities to the Opportunity without leaving the form.What are two types of records you can add from within the Opportunity form? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Invoices
B. Credit Notes / Adjustment Notes
C. Stakeholders
D. Products

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